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Cana is a fashionable piece of footwear with a social message.

Cana Shoes is on a mission to end poverty, one step at time, by creating footwear that provides a sustainable income to local people and funds education of children in the Dominican Republic.

Every pair is a step toward a child’s education.

We are an entity dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, particularly women and the youth of the batey communities of the Dominican Republic.

For decades, the harvesting of sugarcane has been the sole, but often unreliable source of income for hundreds of people in these communities. Their living conditions are poor and wages are low. In places of hardship like the bateys, educational resources are often extremely lacking.

Education is a start and has been proven to be a fundamental part of ending a cycle of poverty, something founder Edison Suero wants to address with the creation of Cana Shoes. For Suero, good schools for a community’s youth are essential.

Although the only way for the next generation to break out of poverty is through education, it is difficult in places where basic necessities are not within reach.

So, what can Cana do about it?

The production of our shoes allows local people to earn a fair living. The sale of our shoes provide funding to community schools and education programs. Buying a pair of Cana Shoes is a step in the right direction to ending poverty in the Dominican Republic.

The production of our shoes by local artisans provide an alternate source of income for individuals in the bateys, with proceeds going towards technical skills training, as well as, the education of children in the community.

By giving people in the bateys a new and sustainable source of income, and contributing to the education system, Cana Shoes will help make the future brighter for both adults and children alike.

At Cana, we are mindful of the work it takes to produce our products. While some foreign factories function under extremely harsh conditions, we at Cana, happily adhere to harsh labor laws. Our workers are properly compensated for the work they do and receive the best care. We give 100% guarantee that our material comes from a place where our workers are not being unlawfully exploited.

Cana Shoes are a unique pair of eco-friendly loft and espadrilles. Made from sugarcane and hemp; both natural resources. They are assembled by local artisans in the Dominican Republic. Every pair of Cana Shoes is created with absolute comfort in mind.  A durable, breathable fabric covers a sturdy hemp sole.


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