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What is a batey?

A batey is a low-income community developed around sugar cane fields. Because the wages earned by sugar cane workers are incredibly low, the living conditions in a batey are often deplorable, sometimes even lacking
basic necessities like electricity and running water.

How is Cana Shoes helping people in batey communities?

Historically, people in the bateys have had to rely on the backbreaking work involved in tending sugar cane fields – often for little or no earnings.

Each pair of Cana Shoes is made by local people in the bateys, and working for us gives individuals the opportunity to earn a fair and sustainable income. We provide the training and tools that our artisans need, and create a reliable source of livelihood for women and youth who may not otherwise be able to find work.

Where are the shoes made?

Our shoes are made in the batey communities of the Dominican Republic.

What are the shoes made out of?

Cana Shoes are made from sugar cane and hemp, both eco-friendly materials.

Each pair has three parts: the first two, the sole and the braid, are both made from sugarcane, while the upper part of the shoe is made from hemp fibers.

Where do the materials come from?

We receive hemp and sugar cane from international suppliers, which, after being aggregated at a processing factory in Santo Domingo, arrive in individual pieces for our artisans to sew and stitch together by hand.

Our goal is to eventually have all of our raw materials come 100% from the batey communities that we serve.

How much does a pair of Cana Shoes cost?

One pair of Cana Shoes costs $69 USD.

How much goes back into the community?

For every pair of shoes sold, 100% of all profit from sales after operation & overhead expenses go into training programs and improving education in the bateys.

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